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There is still much more to be done to meet the 'UN

  Millenium Goal' of acheiving universal primary

   education by the end of 2015.  This is particularly

    relevant for millions of Roma children who live

     in Europe.

We focus directly on this UN Goal by

  encouraging school enrolment, preventing

   school drop-out and by improving social

    and academic inclusion of the children

      within their school communities

RO-MAN-AID's education

project for Roma and other

disadvantaged children

Team Friendship

Why Romania?

Many charities working overseas rightly focus their attention on third world countries.

However extreme poverty, hardship

and lack of the most basic amenities such as safe drinking water, also exists in some European countries such as Romania...

Who are the Roma?

Contrary to commonly

  held belief, the Roma

   do not originate from

    Romania.  It is

     thought that they

       migrated from

        India to Europe

from aroundthe ninth century and have lived for hundreds   

  of years in many European





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