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RO-MAN-AID’s education project for Roma and other disadvantaged children  (continued)


...In this way children are also able to graduate from primary school, equipped with basic skills, such as literacy and numeracy, that are essential in order to complete their compulsory school career.


Our project, which began in 2011,  works closely with parents and school teachers as well as with children of primary school age.  Although we have a focus on Roma children, we include all children who may have similar disadvantages. 


Our aim is the social and academic inclusion of all children into the Romanian educational system.


The project not only helps children within one community, but serves as a model for other schools and communities.  Having had proven success, it has created much interest in the educational world. We now also pass on our experiences through informational material and workshops and we also offer help and support to groups wishing to set up similar projects.  At the same time we are in discussion with education authorities and a university in Romania in order for the system to be replicated throughout the country.


We are also making further developments and improvements to the project in order to give disadvantaged children the the best possible opportunity to succeed in education.  This way, when they become adults,  it will help them obtain employment  and thus break out of the vicious circle of abject poverty which would otherwise exist for them and their future families. From 2017 our partners, Association "Team Friendship", have taken over the day to day running of the project and are extending it to other areas.

In previous years we have also had the advantage of some support from grants from the Isle of Man’s Government’s Overseas Development Committee (formerly the Overseas Aid Committee).




Linking home and school

Teaching children how to .....

....use pen and paper

....listen as a team

... study in a classroom

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