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This page gives you the latest news of RO-MAN-AID activities
current funding requests

Following our very successful summer camp in August 2015, many positive developments have happened.


Firstly, our Nurture Group has moved to the bigger school in the next door village.  Shortly after the move we needed to suspend the Nurture Group project for a few months in order to gain a legal status for our method to be accepted by the Ministry of Education.  The After-School and academic project continued.


Last May we obtained official approval for Nurture Groups from the Romanian Secretary of State for Education and are now able to focus more on this.  This year we now operate two groups and plans are being developed for several more to be run by other organisations.  Lunch and After-school programmes are now run by another charity and part funded by the Romanian Government.

We have had to say goodbye to one of our Nurture Staff, Claudia, because she has moved to Canada although she is still connected to our charity.  We wish Claudia and her husband Flavius all the best in their new life.  Tia, our new staff member, has already settled in very well.


We have also accepted to be in partnership with both the Psychology and Education University Departments in Oradea so they can send their students to learn about our methods.  RO-MAN-AID has also been asked to write courses, in our method, to be delivered by the  County INSET training unit. 


All this will keep RO-MAN-AID very busy over the coming months!

Funding is still urgently needed to ensure the continued development of our work to help Romania ensure that their most disadvantaged children receive at least the basic education essential for modern day living.


Workshop at University of Oradea 28th February 2015


Rosa Drown, president of RO-MAN-AID, was invited by the Head the University of Oradea’s Teacher Training Education department Prof. Univ. Dr. Florica Orțan, to hold a workshop on Nurture Metodology to lecturers and students of the university as well as teachers and reprentatives from the Bihor County Education Department.


The workshop covered a description of how Nurture Groups operate in several countries, the scientific basis of „Nurture Methodology”, Results of research in both the UK and Romania and a detailed description of how „Nurture Methodology” has been specially adapted to meet the needs of Romanian state education.  It also included a DVD of RO-MAN-AID’s  Romanian Nurture Group in action.  Nurture Practitioners Claudia Oros and Aurica Roștas also contributed to the Workshop, whilst Ro-MAN-AID’s Simona Abrudan acted as interpreter.


As a result of discussions with Prof. Univ. Dr. Florica Orțan and interest shown in the workshop, the Teacher Training Education Department of Oradea University has offered to make a formal collaboration with RO-MAN-AID in order to promote further developments and the extension of Nurture Methodology throughout the county.



Workshop Follow up 18th March


We are delighted to report that very positive developments have now taken place following the workshop at the University of Oradea.  Not only is RO-MAN-AID continuing talks about cooperation with The University Teacher Training Department in Oradea, but also the University’s Social Work Department have agreed to partner us in a funding application to extend the social aspects of the  “Nurture” principles, both in scope and also extending the number of Nurture groups in Bihor and Cluj counties.  RO-MAN-AID are also now working with the County Education Department to enable the Nurture method to be officially accepted by Romania’s equivalent of OfSted.  Individuals who attended the workshop have also emailed the Romanian branch of RO-MAN-AID about the possibilities of future cooperation with projects.

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